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Welcome to the Travel Healthcare Podcast - Cardium

Welcome to the Travel Healthcare Podcast - Cardium

August 28, 2019


Voice Over: Welcome to Cardium, the podcast that gets to the heart of travel healthcare and asks, what's your why? With each episode, we explore the topics and issues that impact healthcare professionals in the fields of nursing and allied health. Now here your hosts Sunny and Matt from Aureus Medical.

Matt: Sunny, it's great to be here with you and with our listeners out there in our very first episode. We want to give everybody an idea about who we are here at Cardium and what you can expect from our podcasts. Maybe a little bit about me. I'll start. How's that?

Sunny: Sounds good.

Matt: Well, as you mentioned, I am Matt Neal. I have been married for 20 years. I've got three beautiful children, one in college, one in high school and one in elementary school. So we're covering the bases pretty well. We love to travel. We - all of my kids are involved in sports. So they keep us very, very busy. And we're just enjoying life. I've been with Aureus for 15 years and started off as a recruiter and moved into various roles, leadership roles after that. And I've loved every minute of it. So tell me about, you now Sunny.

Sunny: Well, you know, I will be a wife of 23 years this year, mother of three beautiful boys and two fur babies. My boys are 19, 17 and 16. So they keep me busy and worrisome as well. So I, we love doing all kinds of things sports. I love to cook and bake and crochet and read, photography. As a family, we’re always doing new things. We love to explore, hike. We do like to do sports together, even though they like to make fun of me and call me “not an athlete”. And I've been with Aureus Medical for 10 years, starting out as a recruiter and then moving into various roles from consulting to leadership as well. So…but most of all, doing beautiful things such as this.

Matt: Love it.

Sunny: Love it.

Matt: Sunny, I think it's important to set the stage for our audience as to why we're here and why our content is of value in the healthcare space. And we start talking about health, traveling, healthcare professionals. And when someone asked me that it really comes down to supply and demand. There are so many health care jobs out there and there are just not enough health care professionals to fill the need.

Sunny: Yeah. And there are so many reasons to that, too. You know, based on whether it's because we're living longer or because they're just not the portability of nurses and not being able to get to them because of rural areas on that.

Matt: So when you have someone that let's say there's a retirement or a medical leave, maternity leave, just a shortage in the hospital, it really is…it becomes critical pretty darn fast.

Sunny: Yes.

Matt: I think that's where healthcare professionals jump right in. Traveling healthcare professionals jump right in and able to fill the need right away. And what a great way of doing that, of helping out right away when they otherwise a hospital be in a bind.

Sunny: Yes. And they rely on that core staff. So then you've got that gap that's still there because the core staff tire. And so travel health care really meets a need.

Matt: It does. You know, it comes to a podcast like Cardium, we believe this podcast is valuable to all healthcare professionals. For those who travel, maybe those who are considering travel as a career and those who are working full-time in the field today, our goal is really to provide content that's informative, impactful and inspiring and doing that through interviews with our featured guests.

Sunny: Yes. And you know, and I think that's so important because with our seasoned travelers, they get to hear and get a sense of community with our seasoned guests and they can hear someone and, you know, when you're traveling, you might be a little alone out there. You may not have another person with you. You may, but you may not. And so to hear someone on this podcast and go, gosh, I can relate to that. And I definitely have been through that or I'm learning so much from what that person has to say, you get a sense of community. And that's what we're hoping, with this podcast and I think we're gonna get that. But also with the first time travelers or the ones that are novice to this, we're hoping that they'll learn. But also a sharing of information from new to old, old to new, because there's definitely something that the older vets can learn from the newer ones coming in as well, too.

Matt: Yeah. When you start to think about the traveling community, there's such a wealth of information out there and there's not one vault, not one repository to keep it. And so we're hoping that we can at least crack the vault a little bit and get that information out there. You know, when we introduced you, you introduced our podcast and I'm sure there's listeners out there - why Cardium? What is that name and what does it relate to the podcast?

Sunny: You know And that's a great question. Cardium is actually it's an English term. It's a combination form. So it's usually paired up with a medical term. So you'll hear it a lot with like pericardium or myocardium. So it's related to the heart tissue surrounding the heart, and that's what we want to do here, is related to getting to the heart of travel, health care and looking at the many layers of this unique career.

Matt: Yeah, I think the name really makes sense with what we're the message that we're trying to convey. We hope it does. We also hope to really create a community here, a Cardium. It's important for our listeners to know when they join us there's gonna be value in the content and topics, that they're relatable. Each episode will be authentic, so we want to encourage our audience to come back and listen in.

Sunny: Yeah, but we got to remember, we’re just the hosts.

Matt: Yes. Yes. We…we are just the hosts. And it really is our guests that our listeners are really going to want to hear. And I think it's time to take a listen to a few episodes to see what we're in for.

Voice Over: I've always wanted a job and career where I'm hands on and I feel like I'm helping others firsthand. And I love days, whenever I'm like, I go home. And I really feel in my heart that I made a difference for someone or I caught something or, you know, even saved someone's life. It's really important for me. And yeah, it makes me happy to help others. And I feel like being on the front lines in the hospitals and starting this career has just taught me so much about myself and what's important in life.

Don't be afraid. Speak up early and say, you know what? Can I see that one more time? Can I shadow somebody on that surgical case or can I shadow my preceptor one more day in the ICU with a sick, sick patient so that I ensure that I'm going to be able to meet the expectations of the performance you need me to have. So, you know, early on, really be an advocate for yourself to set yourself up for success.

Unfortunately, right now, they usually have to tell them or give me, you know, two weeks then into a month that then they'll be able to get licensed in your state and be able to talk to you and help you. In the case of a compact of those who are in compact member states - and that's a PT or PTA - could be able to say, well, let me let me look and see where you live. You're in a compact member state. Give me 10 minutes or so, so I can complete that jurisprudence requirement, be able to get a combat privilege to work in your state. I'll call you back and then I can help you that same day. I think that's you know, it that kind of quick turnaround is something that is possible are gonna be made possible by something like a PT Compact.

I mean, I'd go to places that have specific need in just knowing that they need me. Makes me want to go. Makes you feel wanted. I mean, everybody wants to feel wanted. And knowing that I have experience in that people actually do want me to go to work with them makes me feel better.

Matt: I'll tell you what, Sunny, I cannot wait for people to hear those episodes in their entirety. I really think we should leave our listeners, our audience, with what really stands out to me about our podcast. The Why.

Sunny: Yep. At the close of each episode, we ask our guest and we'll have a Why moment. And it's basically giving us their purpose for why they do what they do. It's my favorite part.

Matt: Is it? Actually, that's my favorite part. So I know I'll just head you off at the pass and tell you my Why, how's that?

Sunny: Sounds good.

Matt: Well, I'd love to say that I started off being a recruiter 15 years ago because I just could not wait to be a healthcare recruiter here. But that's not the case.

Matt: I will say I've grown into my why, especially the last 15 years, really helping people, you know, at being a dad, being a husband, being a friend. My role has been to help people. I get to continue that role. And at first it was how about helping people find jobs and helping a… helping of hospital find a solution for their staff. That was awesome. My role has changed. Just evolved to be a bit a bit broader, knowing that they are helping people. And what better way to do it in a hospital setting or acute care setting? That to me is…when you're talking about positively impacting people that are taking care of others, loved ones. Man, I don't know if there's a much better way of going home and high-fiving yourself and saying, man, we did a good job today. We help people find jobs. We connected some hospitals that we're in and had a staffing need. And people are getting to see parts of the country and patients at the end of the day. Patients are being taken care of. Man, that's that completes the circle. And regardless of the tough times and everything else you go through, when you help people connect that, connect the dots, and complete the circle. It's very fulfilling. So I think that's my Why I get to live it every day. So I'm darn lucky. So now I'm going to throw back to you.

Sunny: I knew you're going to do that.

Matt: Sonny, what is your Why?

Sunny: Starting out young? You know, had a couple of things throughout my youth, we would say, and those obstacles had me face a couple paths that I could go down and I chose to be more open and say be a warrior of kindness. And that's what I do. And you can see that there's a thread in all of my roles, whether I’m consulting or recruiting or you know, what I'm currently doing, that I am open. I want that shared connectedness. I want to, you know, hear that, what that person has to say. So no matter what I'm doing for you, I am saying to them, I hear you. I see you. And I'm, you know, whatever I do, I'm providing you that service. But I'm delivering as well. And I want to make sure that that I'm validating that person, because in every action and everything that I do as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a worker, a manager, a whatever I am, that I am acting out of kindness and servitude, but also that I am validating the human that is sitting in front of me because everyone needs to feel validated. And that's my Why.

Matt: That's great, Sunny. That's a great why. Thank you for sharing that with us today.

Sunny: Thank you. And that is pretty much what I love about our show, guys, and what we're gonna be asking everyone. And we hope you tune in. We love our impactful, inspiring shows and listeners. We hope you'll tune in. Subscribe to Cardium podcasts wherever you're listening. And please give us review. We want to hear what you think and what our listeners want to hear from our show on what resonates with you as we plan our future episodes.

Matt: Make sure you visit our website, Cardium podcast dot com for in-depth info about our episodes’ behind the scenes content. And if you want to get in touch with us, you can do that on our site as well. We're also on Facebook, so follow us and become part of our Cardium community. We're excited to take the journey with you.

Voice Over: Until next time you've been listening to Cardium from Aureus Medical with your host Sunny and Matt, we're the podcast that gets to the heart of travel, health care. To subscribe access show notes or to learn more, visit Cardium podcast dot com. C A R D I U M podcast dot com or wherever you're listening. Be sure to write us, review and subscribe. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time.

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