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Eddie Parizek of HealthTrust Workforce Solutions joins the podcast to talk about Managed Services Providers in the healthcare staffing space, advantages to the traveler, and what they should know.

MSP & Me: The Managed Services Landscape and the Traveler

November 13, 2019

GUEST: Eddie Parizek, AVP MSP Operations, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

Eddie Parizek is Assistant Vice President of HealthTrust Workforce Solutions' Managed Services Program Operations for HCA Healthcare. He collaborates with Division and facility leaders to fill contract labor needs for all nursing and allied departments with clinically competent and cost effective resources. After spending several years in the legal field, Eddie joined HealthTrust in 1998 and has built a solid foundation of experience with both standard and crisis staffing, ensuring superior customer service delivery for all stages of the contracting process. Eddie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of South Florida and a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law.

You may have heard the acronym "MSP" and wondered what that’s all about. Or, you may be up to speed on the role of the Managed Services Provider in the healthcare staffing space. The short of it is, the number of hospitals and healthcare systems that have adopted an MSP model continues to surge. As the third party that manages agency relationships for the hospital, MSP is the future of healthcare staffing. It’s here to stay. Now, how does the MSP and its place in the mix impact travel nurses and healthcare professionals in the allied health fields? What are the advantages to the traveler in an MSP situation? And what are some differences and travelers should be aware of? Eddie Parizek of HealthTrust Workforce Solutions joins us on Cardium to talk about it and break it down.

  • MSP explained and why hospitals use MSPs for staffing
  • Benefits of an MSP to the traveler
  • Preparing for an interview when an MSP is involved
  • The change in the recruiter-hospital relationship
  • Timelines to anticipate as a traveler
  • Communication flow and how it may differ
  • Compliance and related factors to consider
  • Professionalism on assignment, multiplied with an MSP
  • Onsite assignment advice for travelers
  • What the future looks like for MSPs in healthcare
  • How the increased usage of MSPs by hospitals impacts the traveler today and going forward

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