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Respiratory therapist Bev Berger joins the podcast to share tools of the trade for healthcare professionals taking their first assignment and wise advice for all travelers.

You've Landed Your First Assignment. What's Next?

October 30, 2019

GUEST: Bev Berger, Respiratory Therapist

Bev Berger is a long-time Respiratory Therapist of 26 years who has traveled for more than 12. Her resume is vast and extensive as she’s completed over 30 assignments, including several that have been extended for nearly a year. She took her first assignment in 2007 in Terra Haute, Indiana. Bev began her career in healthcare in 1976 as an LPN and transitioned to Respiratory Therapy in 1993. She has worked as a staff therapist, a director and manager, and was involved in starting a sleep lab for a hospital’s respiratory department. Bev’s broad base of skills and knowledge are matched by her strength as a patient and family advocate. She’s compassionate, a listener, and shows others that they are valued and respected. She believes every patient should be cared for as if they were family.

You’re ready. You’re excited. And you’re feeling those first-time jitters. You’ve signed your contract for your first assignment as a travel nurse or a travel PT (or your specialty/modality). Now what? There’s a whole lot to look forward to – the adventure, the exploring, meeting new people, evolving in your career, and caring for patients across the country who need you. But with the anticipation and newness often comes first-time jitters as your venture into the unknown. But you’re not alone. We’ve got you. We’re joined by long-time respiratory therapist Bev Berger who shares her tools of the trade for new travelers and wisdom for any healthcare professional who lives the mobile lifestyle. Because there’s always more to learn and new perspectives to gain. Bev has seen it all and nearly done it all as a travel RT and she graciously offers it up with Sunny and Matt on Cardium.

  • The get ready tips – the yes and the no of packing, the research before you go
  • Fitting in and breaking the ice
  • Mindset prep – getting yourself emotionally ready
  • Navigating in a facility new to you
  • Diversity and culture
  • How to roll on the first day and what to avoid
  • Making the most of your surroundings
  • Tips your recruiter may not mention
  • Finding your "why" with each assignment
  • When to look for your next assignment

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