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Experts T.J. Cantwell and Kelly Grant are the guests on Cardium podcast to talk about the PT Compact and the impact on travel therapists.

The PT Compact: What Travel Therapists Should Know

October 2, 2019

GUESTS: T.J. Cantwell, Compact Administrator, Physical Therapy Compact Commission and Kelly Grant, Branch Manager, Aureus Medical Group (Therapy Division)


T.J. Cantwell joins Cardium podcast as a guest to talk about the Physical Therapy Compact and what it means for travel PTs and PTAs.

T.J Cantwell became the first Compact Administrator for the Physical Therapy Compact Commission in July 2017. T.J. works with PT Compact member states on the Compact implementation process, manages day-to-day activities, advises state boards interested in joining the PT Compact, and communicates with the public regarding the operations and value of the PT Compact. T.J. has more than 20 years of national nonprofit and association management experience. T.J. holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Government from the University of Virginia and a Master of Public Policy from American University. He lives in Virginia with his wife, three kids, and dog. In his spare time he loves to watch movies and hang out with his family.

Kelly Grant of Aureus Medical talks about the Physical Therapy Compact as a guest on Cardium Podcast.

Kelly Grant is a Branch Manager with the Therapy division of Aureus Medical Group. He’s been with the company for over 10 years and is responsible for leadership, employee development, and building relationships with therapists and healthcare facilities across the country. Prior to his role within the therapy specialty, he served as a team leader with Aureus Nursing.

Though just a couple of years since being enacted, the Physical Therapy Compact is fulfilling its purpose of providing physical therapists and physical therapist assistants with greater mobility to work in multiple states. In 2017, the PT Compact reached its minimum threshold of 10 participating states. Today 25 states are part of the Compact, with hopes of bringing more states into the fold. Are all 50 states a possibility? What does the Compact mean for PTs and PTAs? What are the criteria for obtaining compact privileges? Expert guest T.J. Cantwell, Compact Administrator of the Physical Therapy Compact Commission, joins us on the podcast to talk about the state of the Compact, what therapists need to know, and what the future looks like. Also offering perspective is Kelly Grant, branch manager of Aureus Medical Group who contributes to the Compact conversation from a facility and traveler point of view.

Topics we cover in this episode include:

  • The history and evolution of the PT Compact
  • Goal of the PT Compact
  • Impact of the Compact on patient care and rural healthcare
  • The difference between the PT Compact and the Nursing Compact
  • Differences in requirements state to state
  • Timelines for PTs to obtain privileges in a Compact state
  • Future of the PT Compact and replication in other therapy specialties

Physical Therapy Compact Commission

The official site and go-to resource for all things PT Compact. Provides an overview of the Compact, tools and resources, a map of member states, fees and jurisprudence information, a search tool to verify compact privileges, and more.

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
PT Compact:

The official site of the APTA with a section devoted to the PT Compact.

The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT)

Select “free resources” to access more information about the PT Compact, including FAQs, press releases, video, milestones in the formation of the Compact, and more.

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