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RNs Maggie Chapman and Nicole Brucker are guests on Cardium podcast to talk about traveling as a pair in healthcare.

Traveling in Pairs in Healthcare

September 18, 2019

GUESTS: Maggie Chapman, RN and Nicole Brucker, RN

Maggie Chapman is an RN with primarily CVICU and Telemetry experience. She's three years into her nursing career and is currently on her second travel assignment in Portland, Maine with Nicole. She's Texas born and raised and loves the outdoors.

Nicole Brucker is an RN with a background in Cardiothoracic and Lung Transplant Stepdown. Growing up in a military family, she's traveled for most of her life. She loves running hiking, climbing, thrifting, and finding live music wherever she lands. Travel also means she gets to be a foodie, which she says is why she runs.

The mobile lifestyle as a healthcare professional is an experience in itself. But sharing it with a companion – a friend, significant other, or a family member – gives it a whole new dimension. Maggie Chapman and Nicole Brucker met in nursing school and just a few years into their careers decided to travel and do it together. What’s it like going into the unknown of new assignments and new cities together? How do they roll day to day? What are their typical routines as individuals and as a duo? How do they best support each other? Maggie and Nicole talk about everything from sharing space and sharing a car to deciding what to pack and where to go.

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