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We welcome traveling CT Tech Maribel Torres and recruiter Richard Kousgaard to Cardium podcast for a candid discussion about the all-important interview. They join Matt and Cardium podcast to cover best practices, tools of the trade, questions to ask, and much more. A must listen for travel nurses and allied health professionals who want to get hired and land the assignment.

Nailing the Interview to Land Your Next Assignment

June 10, 2020

GUESTS: Maribel Torres and Richard Kousgaard


Maribel Torres is traveling CT Technologist who joins the podcast to share her tried and true best practices for nailing the all-important interview. The goal is to be hired and land the assignment. She has expertise and tools of the trade to share for traveling allied health professionals and nurses.

Maribel Torres has been practicing in the Radiology field for 17 years and has traveled for six. She’s a CT Technologist who’s worked 13 travel assignments in various states and takes it all in wherever she goes. In 2019 Maribel was recognized for excellence as an Imaging professional and named Aureus Medical’s Employee of the Year. Her passions include woodworking, building her own furniture, visiting America’s National Parks, and landscape photography. So far, she and her husband have visited 36 out of 61 National Parks across the United States.

Richard Kousgaard of Aureus Medical Group joins the podcast to share best practices for travelers for the all-important interview. He’s a long-time recruiter with years of experience to share for travel nurses and allied health professionals.

Richard Kousgaard has been a recruiter in the healthcare staffing industry for nearly 14 years. As a Sr. Account Manager with Aureus Medical Group, he’s established himself as one of the agency’s most respected and beloved recruiters. His customer centric approach, attention to the finite details, and passion for helping nurses navigate each step of their travel journeys have earned him respect among his colleagues and enduring relationships with the nurses he works with daily.

The interview. To land an assignment there’s that all-important step, usually virtual or over the phone. We talk candidly with long-time traveler Maribel Torres and recruiter Richard Kousgaard to get their perspectives and best practices for nailing the interview. What should you know, how do you prepare, and what are some of the questions to ask you may never have thought of? They offer the tools of the trade, so you’re prepped and ready when your next interview rolls around.

During the episode, we cover:

  • Setting the stage when interviewing over the phone
  • Mentally preparing for the interview before you get the call
  • What to expect from the interview
  • Prioritizing - when the call comes and you’re on the job
  • What questions to ask during your interview and the questions you may not think about
  • A recruiter’s perspective - how much does the interviewer know before they interview with you and what is the recruiter/traveler relationship in the interview process?
  • What travelers should expect from their recruiter regarding interview prep
  • When to follow up with your recruiter on the status of your interview
  • The interview and hiring process when a managed service provider (MSP) is involved
  • How a recruiter can best prep a traveler for the interview
  • Clarifying the orientation process during the interview
  • Handling rejection and what to consider when you may not land the job
  • What a recruiter wishes every candidate would know about interviewing
  • At the end of the interview, do you ask for the job or not? How far do you go?

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