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We welcome Jeff West of Aureus Medical to Cardium Podcast to talk about the travel healthcare job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. He and Matt discuss the current state and what travel nurses and allied health professionals can and should do now.

The Pandemic Job Market in Travel Healthcare

May 27, 2020

GUESTS: Jeff West


Jeff West of Aureus Medical Group joins the podcast tp talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel nursing and allied health job market and what healthcare professionals can and should do now.

Jeff West has spent 14 years in the healthcare staffing industry, first as a recruiter and now as regional manager with Aureus Medical Group. His wealth of knowledge acquired from his years of building relationships with nurses and hospital hiring managers gives him a broad perspective of travel nursing and has enabled him to share best practices with nurses in the field and recruiters he coaches. Jeff holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism and a Minor in Communications. He has served as a panelist at TravCon and a speaker during the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Healthcare Staffing Summit.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has posed extreme challenges for our healthcare community, patients and families, and society at large. In the travel healthcare space, both nursing and allied health, we find what was once a robust job market has been uprooted. Jeff West of Aureus Medical joins Matt to talk candidly about the current landscape of travel nursing and allied health job markets in the midst of the pandemic and where we go from here.

A must-listen episode of Cardium for travelers across all specialties and modalities. We talk about what you can and should do now.

During the episode, we cover:

  • The state of travel nursing jobs
  • What the current landscape is for allied health jobs in the travel market
  • Crisis jobs, cancelations, and extensions – what exactly is happening
  • What a healthcare professional should do now if you want to travel and jobs aren’t available
  • The critical need for flexibility, now more than ever
  • The candid conversations you should be having with your recruiter
  • Setting expectations between the traveler and recruiter
  • Understanding of the demand and the speed to market that’s occurring right now
  • When and how to ask about an extension in this current climate
  • The mindset to help you thrive in the current job market
  • What to do in between assignments to help give you a leg up when the next job surfaces
  • Leaving no stone unturned
  • When will we return to normal in the travel nursing and allied job market
  • How does recovery post-pandemic between allied health modalities differ

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