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We welcome Dorothy Hilton to Cardium podcast to share her personal stories from her years as an RN in the OR and as a travel nurse. Our special episode celebrates the Nursing profession during National Nurses Week.

A Nurse's Calling: Celebrating National Nurses Week

May 6, 2020

GUESTS: Dorothy Hilton, RN

Dorothy Hilton is a registered nurse with a career that has spanned over 29 years. Her experience is vast. She’s been a director of surgical services, an ICU/CCU nurse with balloon pump experience, department of defense healthcare nurse, patient advocate, a travel nurse, and a budget planner. Dorothy is highly skilled in planning and directing the day-to-day for nurse managers and their staff as well as providing inpatient support to all patient types, including veterans, chemotherapy, critical care, and post-ops. She received her ADN in 1991 and followed with her BSN from South University, graduating summa cum laude. She prides herself on being a leader, a change agent, and providing each and every patient with superb healthcare. Dorothy is also a military spouse to a colonel with more than 30-years of service.

We’re inspired by nurses every day; by their resilience, passion for caring for others, and compassion for patients and their families. In celebration of National Nurses Week – and this year being the 200th Birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern Nursing – we’re joined by Dorothy Hilton, a career RN and travel nurse who shares her stories, her insights, and her advice for Nurses everywhere. If ever there was a time to salute those who have been called to the nursing profession, it’s now. Join us for a memorable episode of Cardium.

During our conversation with Dorothy we cover:

  • National Nurses Week and why we celebrate
  • What inspired Dorothy to become a Nurse
  • What has changed in Nursing over the years and has stayed the same
  • Her philosophy of patient care
  • Mentoring newer nurses
  • Compassion and the human component of Nursing
  • What inspired her to become a travel nurse
  • How she starts her assignments off on the right foot – making it personal
  • Memorable and "rainbow moments". during her career
  • Caring for her pediatric patients and the extra steps she takes
  • How she prepares mentally for her travel nursing assignments
  • The moment she knew when she had found her path
  • How she spends her off time away from the hospital
  • Her Why

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