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Long time RN Heather Suchocki joins Cardium podcast to talk about her career as a travel nurse and her love for taking assignments in small and rural communities.

A Travel Nurse’s Love for Rural Healthcare

April 15, 2020

GUESTS: Heather Suchocki, RN

Heather Suchocki began her nursing career in 2000 as an RN at a local facility in rural Wisconsin.  Just a few years later, wanting to expand her knowledge and experience, she worked on contract in various large and small hospitals located in her immediate area.  She took her first travel contract in 2008 and from there focused primarily on assignments in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa. Two years ago she and her husband purchased a travel trailer so they could travel the country with their young son. While she varies her contracts between large level 1 teaching hospitals and small community hospitals, she holds a special affinity for facilities in rural settings. As a family, they enjoy dirt track racing, fairs, and festivals and fully exploring the local area and all that each new assignment brings

Heather Suchocki has taken assignments in hospitals of all sizes. As a travel nurse, she’s nearly seen it all. But this labor and delivery RN is especially drawn to rural and small community hospitals. There’s a growing need for travelers in these settings, coast to coast, north to south. What makes them so special and unique? What should a traveler know before taking an assignment in a small facility? How can a healthcare professional, whether a nurse, therapist, or tech, fill their bucket personally and professionally from these assignments? On this episode of Cardium Heather gets candid about how rural hospitals differ from their larger counterparts. She talks about getting acclimated, what to expect, fitting in, onsite dynamics, patient relationships, and making the very most of small town life.

During our conversation with Heather we cover:

  • Approaching a rural assignment and establishing your mindset
  • The joys of the rural or small town assignment
  • First day differences between a large hospital setting and a smaller community hospital
  • Questions to ask before your assignment begins
  • Interviewing with the hiring manager and how interviews may differ
  • Making a connection with co-workers
  • Expectations for staff in a rural hospital
  • Relationships with co-workers and patients
  • Patient populations and becoming familiar with cultural and societal customs
  • Differences in technology from small to large hospitals
  • Stereotypes of small town hospitals and what’s true
  • Lifestyle of traveling with family in an RV

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