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Polysomnographer Amy Riley joins Cardium podcast to share her personal story of the California Camp Fire of 2018 that swept through Paradise, California and the surrounding area.

The California Camp Fire: A Healthcare Professional's Story

March 4, 2020

GUESTS: Amy Riley, Polysomnographer

Amy Riley is a Polysomnographer Technologist and has been practicing since 2008. She began her career in Redding, California and moved to Magalia in 2014 when she took a position with Feather River Hospital in nearby Paradise. The hospital was destroyed in the destructive Camp Fire which swept through Paradise in November 2018. After the fire, she turned to travel healthcare and took her first assignment in Hollister, California. She is currently on staff full time in the Sleep Lab of at Adventist Health Clear Lake, a sister hospital of Feather River. She also works a per diem position in Chico, which is close to her home. Amy is married and a mother of two.

How do you respond and move forward when faced with a natural disaster? Amy Riley is a Polysomnographer who, along with her husband and children, evacuated their home during the Camp Fire of 2018 that swept through Paradise, California and the surrounding area. The hospital where she worked at the time was destroyed. Amy shares her personal story, from moment of realization and evacuation to her life and her career today.

During our conversation with Amy we cover:

  • Background of the California Camp Fire of 2018
  • Events leading up to the fire
  • Evacuating home, children, and the journey to safety
  • Moving forward as a family
  • Rebuilding a career, transition to travel in the interim, and life today

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