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Dr. Liam Kavin, PT, joins Cardium podcast to talk about the tiny house he custom built, lives in, and that gets him from one place to the next during his assignments as a travel physical therapist.

Towing the Tiny House Life in Travel Healthcare

February 5, 2020

GUESTS: Dr. Liam Kavin, Physical Therapist

Dr. Liam Kavin, PT, DPT has been a travel physical therapist for the last two years since graduating from Ithaca College in 2017. Originally from Maine, he’s worked in major hospitals in Boston, New York City, Southern Massachusetts, and is now on his fifth contract in the four corners area of New Mexico with Aureus Medical. Liam travels with his girlfriend, Gabrie, and most of the time they live in their fully rebuilt 1984 truck camper. Once their time in New Mexico is up, they plan to travel up the West Coast. You can follow their journey on Instagram at @timmyandtheuglycamper.

What’s it like to live the tiny house lifestyle as a traveler? Let’s be clear; we’re talking really tiny. Dr. Liam Kavin, PT, DPT joins us to tell us all about the compact space he custom built that gets him to and from assignments and serves as the home away from home he shares with his girlfriend and traveling partner, Gabrie. In between his shifts, they unhitch the house, explore, and go on adventures. Theirs is a great story of making the most of the travel healthcare experience and finding joy in the little things. Liam shares what motivated him to scale back and live simply, advantages to small space living, and challenges he runs into with weather, mechanics, and basic life stuff. We get to hear from Gabri, too. This episode may just inspire you to consider living tiny.

During our conversation with Liam we cover:

  • His journey to physical therapy
  • Why he was drawn to travel
  • The decision to travel in a tiny house and the logistics of the lifestyle
  • What it’s like to live in a compact space and the features of the house
  • How it works when they need to park for a long stay
  • Best benefits of the tiny house lifestyle
  • Challenges of lack of space and the advantages, too
  • How it works financially with stipends, expenses, tax home, and such
  • Two people, tiny space, close quarters
  • Advice and considerations for those exploring the tiny house lifestyle
  • Basic life stuff like heat, air, showers, and such
  • What’s next for the tiny house and a future build

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