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Healthcare staffing expert Amy Chang of Staffing Industry Analysts joins the Cardium podcast to talk about the state of the job market in nursing, allied health, and travel healthcare.

Dissecting the Healthcare Job Market

January 8, 2020

GUEST: Amy Chang, Healthcare Analyst, Staffing Industry Analysts

Amy Chang is a recognized strategic expert in the healthcare staffing industry and is currently the healthcare analyst for the Staffing Industry Analysts. From 2009-2016, Amy was VP of Strategy & Investor Relations for AMN Healthcare. After joining AMN in 2002, she led the strategic planning, operations analysis and market research functions, and also served in interim operational leadership roles. Amy began her career as an auditor/CPA with KPMG after earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UC Berkeley. After earning her MBA from UC Berkeley, she was a strategy consulting manager at Mitchell Madison Group, where she worked with Fortune 500 clients.

What’s the state the healthcare job market really? What’s the demand in nursing and allied health, the outlook, the trends, and the next big thing? We may not have a crystal ball – though we wish we did - but we do have an expert in Amy Chang of Staffing Industry Analysts. Amy covers the healthcare staffing segment for SIA, the leading advisor on staffing nationally and globally. SIA conducts research, benchmarking studies, and brings a greater understanding to what’s happening in the industry at present and what’s to come. Amy’s wheelhouse is healthcare, including travel nursing and travel across all allied health specialties. She joins Sunny and Matt to give us the real deal on what’s happening now and what’s predicted going forward through the decade. If you’re a travel nurse, a PT, or are working in any healthcare specialty or modality this is your episode.

During our conversation with Amy, we cover:

  • The current state of the job market in nursing and allied health
  • The what and the why of projected job growth in nursing and allied health
  • Are we producing enough nurses to meet demand?
  • The demand for travel healthcare professionals in our current state versus the overall shortage nationwide
  • Growth in outpatient and home healthcare vs. the inpatient, hospital setting
  • What changes and trends are predicted in healthcare and the impact on travel nursing and allied health professionals?
  • The role of technology (robotics and artificial intelligence) in healthcare, limitations, and why healthcare professionals aren’t likely to be replaced
  • Growth in telemedicine and the impact on the delivery of care
  • The next big thing in healthcare
  • PDPM in skilled nursing, PDGM in home healthcare and the disruption in the therapy world; projections going forward
  • The shift toward the gig economy and why that bodes well for travel healthcare
  • Advice to travelers based on the state of the economy and job market


Staffing Industry Analysts

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