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Cardium welcomes three nurses and an occupational therapist to the podcast to answer the question, 'What's Your Why'.

What's Your Why in Your Travel Healthcare Career?

September 3, 2019

GUESTS: Connie Joseph, RN; Micah Thomas, OT; Shane Ritchie, RN


Connie Joseph is a travel nurse who joins Cardium for a podcast episode to talk about her career in healthcare and her why.

Connie Joseph hails from Louisiana and a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Mexico. She and nursing go way back to her high school years as she was drawn to the profession at an early age. She graduated from Baton Rouge General School of Nursing, has been an RN for 25 years, and has explored the country as a travel nurse for 13. Connie could work nearly anywhere with the number of state licenses she currently holds. Her specialty is Labor and Delivery.

Micah Thomas is a traveling occupational therapist and a guest on the Cardium podcast to talk about his career in healthcare.

Micah Thomas is from Philadelphia, PA and was introduced to traveling when he received a scholarship to run track in Lafayette, LA. He attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he earned his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree. Upon graduating, Micah enrolled into Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL and earned his Master of Occupational Therapy degree. He’s completing his second contract as a travel OT and is looking forward to the various experiences that will shape his career.

Shane Ritchie is a telemetry and Med-Surg travel nurse and a guest on the Cardium podcast to talk about his career in healthcare.

Shane Ritchie was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky and found nursing after working outside of healthcare for several years. Less than a year after becoming an RN, he and his wife Heather (now an NP), decided travel nursing would offer an opportunity to see the country and do so together. Shane took his first assignment at a rural hospital in West Virginia and has been a travel nurse for eight years. His specialties are Telemetry and Med-Surg.

Three guests share their personal stories, insight, and lessons learned from their journeys as healthcare professionals and through their experiences traveling in their field. What led them to take this road in their career? What have been their highs and lows? What’s next? And as we’ll ask all of our guests in future podcast episodes, what’s their “Why”? We have some laughs and share some poignant moments while we talk with two veteran travel nurses and an occupational therapist, a recent grad and new to travel.

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